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it's funny how things seem to come full circle, it's reasurring and… - God Loves Ugly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
God Loves Ugly

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[Mar. 19th, 2006|07:48 pm]
God Loves Ugly
it's funny how things seem to come full circle, it's reasurring and comfortable. Back in 04 when I first started my extreme modifications (i.e. tongue stretching) I was unsure of the destination of my path. I have made a few previouse inquiries regaurding central bifurcation of the tongue (more commonly known as tongue splitting), with little success in finding a modificationist willing to partake in a precedure as rare as this. I recently found a shop that does scalpuling and branding, and found out that they are not only willing but looking for a willing participant. I was worried that the scar tissue from my 1/4 inch tongue barbell might inhibit the incision but it actually helps the tongue keep from growing back together since such a large fraction of the split is already conpletely healed. I am SO excited, it should tak place within the next two weeks. After my "tongue forking" I am making my next mission a full body suspension (hooks pierced through the skin hanging you by ropes leaving you "suspended" in mid air). I will post pictures of the procedure and the conclusion as soon as possible.